Shipping to the Nordics

The Nordic online market has grown phenomenally in recent years to a market now worth in excess of 22 billion euros. Significantly near 65% of the Nordic population now shop online, on average each spending over €150 every month online.

The most popular online purchases are in clothing and footwear, media, health and beauty and home electronics, with a quarter of these purchases being made from online sellers based outside of the Nordics. Overseas purchases are predominantly from sellers located in the UK, Germany, USA and China. In Denmark over 34% of the cross border sales come from the UK.

Shipping to the Nordics from the UK is quick and cost effective, with delivery as quick as 3 days days, door to door, depending on the location and with a choice of very reliable tracked or untracked service options.

The availability of excellent delivery services and low cost shipping make the Nordics a great opportunity to broaden distribution and grow sales. So If you are already shipping to customers in the Nordic countries or may be considering the Nordics as a new sales opportunity, we’d be pleased to quote for your order fulfilment.

Nordics flag