Customer CRM

Through our dedicated, Free to access CRM system you will be able to view the status of your customer orders, returns and stock holding 24/7. This gives complete visibility of your order fulfilment wherever and whenever required.

Once integrated with your web shopping cart, our CRM system will automatically import your orders through the day. If you are using different fulfilment warehouses depending on the country the order is to be shipped to, we can set filters to only import the orders you would like us to fulfil.

After importing the daily orders the CRM system will flag any orders for which we do not have enough stock to fulfil, these are moved by our team into ‘backlog’ until new stock arrives. We will then automatically fulfil these once the product is back in stock, in the date order your customers placed their orders.

All orders which for which stock is available are then moved through the process to pick & pack.

Once that days orders have been picked, packed and collected by our shipping partners, they are marked as ‘shipped’ in our system, this normally happens between 16.00 – 17.00 daily, depending on the particular shipping services you are using.

Data confirming the ‘shipped’ status along with the delivery tracking number (for tracked services) is sent back to your web platform. This then triggers the outgoing mail from your system to confirm to your customer the order is on its way, and gives the customer the relevant link to follow should they wish to track the progress of their delivery.