For all of our clients we store stock in our secure storage and warehousing facilities. Many clients choose to store their entire stock with us, others feed stock to us on a weekly basis depending on what suits their sales pattern best. We like to accept stock on ‘euro’ pallets, for easy of storage, but can re-palletise any deliveries as required. Accepting container deliveries direct from your manufacturer is no problem.

We can also re-work stock, breaking down bulk stock deliveries into units, or pre-build into multi-item packages, adding labels or boxes so they are customer ready.

Stock deliveries are checked and scanned into our warehouse management system (WMS) within 24 hours of arrival. If we find any discrepancies between what you were expecting and what we’ve received, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. If you need a more detailed item count, or some QC checks carried out, we can do that.

Warehouse storage and packing area
High lift in warehouse

Once logged in our WMS system you can keep a track on your stock holding 24/7 through our customer CRM system. This gives near real-time stock accuracy down to individual SKU level. We will happily demonstrate the reporting functions of our CRM system before you start working with us.

We can store and handle a diverse range of products many of which require specialist handling. From delicate gift items, boxed electronics, toys & gadgets, homewares, dried foods, CBD based products, tablets and body creams, hand sanitisers and gels, PPE through to flat packed clothing. Whatever the product, we have a storage and handling solution to suit.