Once logged in to our secure CRM portal, you’ll see a dashboard providing a graphic snapshot of your orders and stock, including;

Queued – these are orders downloaded from your website for the days processing. At this stage, should you need to, you can amend orders, cancel them, correct any address errors, etc.

Processing – orders move through to this stage next, which means the dispatch label has been created and they are in the warehouse ready for the pick & pack stage.

Shipping – once the pick & pack is complete, orders are marked as ‘shipping’ this means they are complete and awaiting courier collection.

Shipped – the final stage, once collected and booked in by our couriers, orders are marked as shipped at the end of each day indicating that they have been handed over to the courier.

Backlog – orders which can not be fulfilled due to shortage of a stock item are held in ‘backlog’ awaiting stock replenishment.

On Hold – those orders which can not be completed due to issues with the data, for example a missing or incomplete delivery address are placed on hold. Once corrected these then move through the process.

Returns – gives details of how many returns we’ve received and the status of each, for example, contents missing, received un-opened, received damaged, etc.

In addition to the data on orders, you will also see reports on your stock holding which includes;

Stock – a bar chart with your top 20 SKU’s by stock holding.

Coverage – a bar chart showing how many days stock cover you have by SKU, based on the sales run rate.

Other reports can quickly and easily be generated through the CRM system, such as;

Orders Report – set the date range you need and you’ll get breakdown of orders shipped during that period, any returns received, the number of orders in backlog awaiting stock and how much stock you have by SKU.

Returns Report – contains a list of any returned orders with the customer details. All orders reports are searchable by a date range, by customer order ID or by shipping date.

Country Report – provides a geographic breakdown of where your orders have been shipped to for a selected data range.

Stock Report – gives line by line stock on hand in our warehouse by SKU code, description and item weights.

Our customer CRM system integrates quickly and easily with all the main web shopping carts so we can automatically import your customer orders. If you are using an in-house system, that’s no problem, we can create a bespoke integration, or we can accept orders in a CSV file format which you can upload to our secure server.