Kitting & Reworks

In addition to single item pick & pack we can pre pack individual items into specific outer packaging creating a new, multi product ‘kitted’ SKU.

The ‘kitting’ of items could for example be anything from building a gift pack of different cosmetics, accessory bundles, supplements frequently purchased together or free gifts and samples.

Accuracy in the picking process is crucial with multi-item orders. We pride ourselves on being able to handle the most complicated orders. Most of this is carried out within a dedicated kitting area within our main warehouse.

Our system can also group multiple orders from the same customer into a single dispatch to minimise shipping costs for both you and your customer.

We can build bespoke boxes, either supplied by you or sourced by ourselves and ‘re-work’ any product for you. For example, apply product labels to boxes, jars, bottles, and the like.

Kitting an order