Rapid FulfillmentOur Policy Principals..

Rapid Fulfillment Services is committed to promoting good sustainability practice and to minimising the environmental impact of all its operations, following these principals:

We will – comply with and where practicable exceeding all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

We will – give full consideration of a sustainability an environmental impact agenda in all business related decisions.

We will – ensure all RFS team members are aware of the businesses commitment and that they actively participate in implementing and improving policy.

We will – minimise the impact of all warehouse and office activities.

We will – minimising the impact of RFS team business travel and travel to the workplace.

We will – ensure environmental impact/sustainability is an agenda item at all leadership meetings.

We will – make available to all our customers an environmentally sustainable packaging materials.


Transport and Travel

We encourage all team members to walk, cycle or use public or shared transport to the workplace. Our target is less than 25% single occupation car usage.

Business travel is kept only to journeys, which are considered essential by the leadership team. Skype, conference calls, messenger are the preferred methods for client and supplier communications.

Where business travel is essential, public transport such as rail travel is the first consideration over private car/air travel.

Leadership team members are encouraged to work remotely where practical, to avoid un-necessary travel and are provided with equipment and remote access to systems to enable this.


Office & Warehouse Equipment

Minimise use of paper and office consumables. All paper is used double sided, internals systems encourage file sharing on line reducing the requirement to print documentation. Client quotes, presentations, contracts and invoicing are transmitted digitally reducing the requirement to print hard copies, limiting use of print cartridges and paper.

Office and warehouse waste is recycled, with a card recycling facility kept permanently on site and collected weekly.

Purchasing guidelines for office and warehouse equipment are defined as pre-owned/refurbished equipment wherever practical. Where new timber based furniture is the only option these must be sourced from a FSC certified supply.

On replacing equipment and lighting within office or workshop, low energy products will be given preference.

Only electrically powered vehicles will operate within the warehouse (i.e. forklift trucks)