Fulfilment in the USA

Since we opened the Rapid Fulfillment UK operation, we’ve worked with many clients with an international customer base and the US has always been a key shipping destination. 

If your order volume is fairly modest it makes sense to keep all your stock in one location in the UK as we can ship at very competitive rates to the US from the UK. Either on a tracked or un-tracked service and get the goods into your customers hands within 5 – 7 days depending on their location.

If your order volume is significant, we have the option to ship from our Rapid Fulfillment US West Coast centre. From here you can benefit from domestic shipping rates and a reduced delivery time, usually 2 – 5 days

Holding stock in the US also brings the opportunity to reduce your shipping costs to Canada and opens up the potential for shipping orders to South America. 

We partner with OSM Worldwide and USPS for US domestic shipping and offer a tracked service at competitive rates, using a lightweight parcel service for anything under 1lb in weight and a standard parcel service for order weights over 1lb and up to 20lb.  

A key advantage of working with us for both UK and US, is that you can manage your stock and orders through the same Rapid CRM system, with different log ins for your UK and US stock. The management of your US account will remain with your current UK Account Manager, giving you a single point of contact across all your business with us, and the billing for your US business will also be done through the UK based team.  

So, if you’re considering building your US business, we’d be delighted to talk this through with you and provide a compelling quote for fulfilment services and shipping.

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