Pick & Pack Services..

Pick & pack services – From the receipt of the daily customer order file, either automated from any of the proprietary Shopping Carts, or the secure transfer of a file via FTP, the process begins.

Labels and dispatch notes are printed, the necessary stock is scanned out and matched to each customer order. Customer orders are then carefully packed using the specific method and packing materials pre-agree with each client.

We can also add any marketing materials to the package at this stage where required by a client.

Order pick & pack servicesOnce packed and made ready for shipping, orders are marked as ‘completed’ through our CRM system and prepared for collection by one of our shipping parters.

All customer orders we receive into our system up to 13.00 we aim to pick, pack and ship the same working day.

In addition to single item pick & pack we also manage multi-item picks, or ‘kitting‘ and the use of bespoke packing such as the wrapping of individual items and the use of gift boxes.

Returns Handling

In addition to handling customer orders we also manage returns processes on behalf of many clients.

Daily order pick & pack services

Daily order pick & pack

Any customer returns can be posted directly back to one of the Rapid Fulfillment centres, where we scan them back into our CRM system to confirm safe receipt.

We then inspect the returned product, note the condition of the item; wether returned complete, unopened, with packaging intact. Then to the pre agreed protocol with the client, we can either return the product back into stock for resale, repackage, or set aside for return to the client or for disposal.

The current status of returns is updated on our Client CRM Portal which is then accessible for our clients to view at any time.